The Martenitsas Story

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brief() {

The website was built in response to an assignment brief for one of the modules (Web Design) part of my second year at university.

From the assignment brief:

"You will need to develop the site from scratch, by doing analysis, identifying purpose & functionality and then the detailed design specification for the site."

In relation to the brief decided was to build a website about the Bulgarian tradition of wearing martenitsas targeting a specific group of users.

Skills applied:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Photography
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Full demo and documentation available upon request.

objectives() {

  1. Inform users about the Bulgarian culture, in particular the tradition of wearing martenitsas.
  2. Explain what a martenitsa is, how it is made, when and why it is worn.
  3. Design to appeal to the chosen target group.
Martenitsas photo
Martenitsas photo
Martenitsas photo

approach() {

To make the project more interesting, a specific target group was chosen - children aged between 7 and 10 year's old.

Explored were kids websites, user personas were created from which requirements were defined. Photos of different martenitsas designs were taken. These inspired the creation of vector graphics used on the website.

Black Sea Complex website 3d perspective mockup
Pizho matenitsa
Penda martenitsa

outcome() {

Delivered was a website representing an educational interactive fairy tale. The intention was to attract children’s interest and help them learn more about martenitsas in a creative way. Using this innovative approach, I have overcome the conventional design challenge and have used my web development skills to deliver a simple yet memorable solution.

Martenitsa's story homepage
Martenitsa's story homepage
Martenitsa's story homepage
Martenitsa's story homepage

results() {

76/100 mark