Denny's Pizza & Kebabs

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brief() {

Denny’s Pizza and Kebabs is a takeaway business in Wrangle, Boston, UK. Their menu includes a wide range of meals mainly split into three categories kebabs, pizzas and burgers and gives the users the ability to modify their meals, even create their own pizza.

Initially, orders were taken only via the phone and paid in cash. Due to the increasing customer flow they were looking to provide their customers with a more convenient way to buy takeaways. They needed an online platform to allow the users to place orders from any device. The platform was required to reflect their existing brand identity and menu options and delivery regulations. In addition, they required an administrative section that allows them to keep track of their sales and manage their orders.

Technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Webpack
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • git


objectives() {

  1. Design and develop a responsive interface for users to select products and options, checkout and complete their order.
  2. Implement specific delivery regulations based on postcode and order amount.
  3. Implement an interface for selection a preferred delivery time.
  4. Automatic completion of a delivery address.
  5. Automatic print of receipt when an order is placed.
  6. Develop a system for managing products, options and orders.
  7. Email notifications to users and managers about the order status.
Dennys Pizza and Kebabs logo

approach() {

Work on the project began with research on existing online takeaway ordering platforms – Deliveroo and JustEat. These inspired the user interface layout for listing meals and their customisation options.

Next, identified were multiple RESTful web services. Google Distance Matrix was used to support the calculation of distance to the customer and to comply with delivery requirements. Google Cloud Print powered the automatic receipt printing. service was used to facilitate the selection of delivery address.

Deliveroo and JustEat screenshot

outcome() {

Delivered was a platform built with WordPress and WooCommerce that reflects business brand identity and successfully transferred their existing work flow on the web.

Dennys Pizza and Kebabs homepage
Denny's Pizza and Kebabs menu page screenshot
Denny's Pizza and Kebab checkout page screenshot

results() {

The system is in use to date.

Denny's Pizza and Kebabs mobile mockup