Hello, I'm Vladimir Valkov -

a web developer who is passionate about software engineering and has a design background.

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I completed my BSc in Web Design and development at the University of Hull in 2018. Currently, doing a MSc in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Leeds and looking for part-time employment within a web development role to support myself during my Masters course.

I discovered my passion for digital assets way back in high school. The journey began on the design side transitioning with every past year towards programming. Through my studies at university I’ve gained invaluable knowledge and practical experience in web applications development. Today, I apply my skill set on a wide variety of projects. These typically require both design and programming expertise.

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I develop bespoke web solutions to meet all of your requirements with the world’s most advanced PHP framework.


I provide fully customisable, easy to manage e-commerce solutions combined with world’s most popular content management platform.


I have an eye for detail. A perfectionist who will code your website exactly as per the design you provided.

SEO Optimisation

I can’t promise your website to be the top result in Google but can improve promotion of your products and services increasing your visitors flow.

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Denny's Pizza & Kebabs

An online takeaway ordering system.


Geographies of Love

A web mashup I developed as part of my undergraduate dissertation project.