timeline() {

  • 2014

    Year 1

    In 2014, I enrolled on a BSc in Web Design and Development course at the University of Hull. During my first year I extended my knowledge in building well-constructed web pages that are accessible, usable and easy to maintain using contemporary web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

    I also enhanced my problem-solving skills through practising algorithm expression techniques and developed a good programming practice and style through learning the basics of JavaScript.

    Lastly, acquired key principles and practice within interaction, design and usability. Enhanced ability to critically evaluate interactive technologies.

  • 2015

    Year 2

    In the second year at university I extended my knowledge of web technologies by learning more about back-end development.

    Acquired practical experience in object oriented, web applications development using flat files, AJAX, PHP. Gained Understanding of common network architectures and principles of operation of WWW servers. Gained practical experience in setting up, securing and optimizing WWW servers (Apache).

    Learned to analyse, design and build database systems. Gained practical experience in relational database web applications development using SQL. Broadened existing PHP skills by exploring the MVC programming design pattern.

    Solved the dilemma designer or developer. Realised I like logic more than pretty pictures. Focused on building a foundation for employment within a back-end development role.

  • 2016

    Year in Industry

    After two years of extensive studies about web technologies I secured a 12-month long placement with Eon Visual Media Ltd. Over the duration of the 2016/17 academic year I was employed within a web development role closely overlapping with my university studies. The occupied position allowed for transferability, application and development of skills through working on a wide variety of live employer defined projects. These typically included maintaining existing web products.

    The variety of assigned projects allowed for gaining an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the industrial working environment. During the placement I enhanced my soft skills by collaborating with colleagues and customers. Also developed further technical skills by working with various frameworks and tools that facilitate the development process.

    The placement helped me to mature as an individual and affirmed the career direction set during my second year at university - back-end development.

  • 2017

    Final Year

    Completed the placement year successfully and continued working for Eon Visual Media as a part-time web developer.

    At the same time went back to university for my third and final year. Through the studies I gained a detailed understanding of the principles and nature of security in digital environments. This included exploring the relationship between security and risk management, types of security threats and mechanisms for attack prevention.

    Graduated with a First class degree and currently, preparing to move to Leeds for my MSc in Advanced Computer Science.

  • 2018